Friday, May 29, 2015

the big kill / the twisted thing

Assuming anyone is still reading this, hey everybody!

I swear I didn't mean to spontaneously disappear form the blog. Nor do I have a proper excuse (or, really, any excuse) to offer. Like a lot of things in life, it just kinda happened. And, similarly, now I'm back. To do a little tidying up of old business and hopefully get back on track. Starting with the former...

Since it's been a little bit, and the next two books in this pile of pulp fiction have more than a little bit in common, tonight we have a two in one entry, featuring two books written by one author, The Big Kill & The Twisted Thing by Mickey Spillane; AKA numbers five and nine in a long series of books featuring Spillane's most famous creation, Mike Hammer.

This is actually the second time the first book has appeared on the blog. (See way back here.) Had I remembered we already had a copy with a better cover I probably would / could have convinced the husband to leave this behind. Much like the whole non-blogging thing, it just kinda didn't happen that way...

Anywhoo, tune in next week when we round out said pile and move on to our next chapter.