Friday, January 30, 2015

top of the heap

Continuing our journey through this pile of pulp fiction, tonight's subject is an entry in one of my favorite series, featuring two of my favorite detectives (aka Bertha Cool and Donald Lam), Top Of The Heap by A. A. Fair aka Erle Stanley Gardner.

Cover by Robert McGinnis

Not to mention a cover by one of my / our favorite artists. Which is how I / we justified adding this to the shelf even though a different edition with an equally cool cover was the subject of the first proper entry in the pulp fiction project. (AKA that fateful day when I decided to give a favorite column of a now long defunct blog it's own little home.)

Friday, January 23, 2015

murder and the wanton bride

Speaking of Mike Shayne, aka the toughest redhead ever (which we were in our previous post), tonight's entry is the next entry in this pile of paperbacks, aka Murder And The Wanton Bride by Brett Halliday.

Cover by Robert McGinnis

Continuing another theme from our previous post, interested parties can check out an alternate McGinnis cover here; and, since it was available, a blurry episode of the Michael Shayne TV series based on this novel right here...

Friday, January 16, 2015

a taste for violence

Continuing our stroll through this pile of pulp fiction, tonight's entry is another in a long list of mysteries featuring "the toughest redhead ever", aka Mike Shayne, A Taste For Violence by Brett Halliday, aka Davis Dresser.

Admittedly not the first book with this title to appear here (see here); and, while I try to discourage the husband from keeping multiples, sometimes you just can't resist a good book with a good cover. Especially when it has an equally good back cover.

Cover by Robert Stanley

Speaking of editions of this novel with good covers, I found two more. Interested parties can check out an alternate Stanley cover here and an alternate McGinnis here.

Friday, January 9, 2015

blood from a stone

I know this sentiment is at least eight days overdue but, since this is our first post of the new year, Happy New Year! I hope you, like me, had a festive yet relaxing holiday season and found yourself happy to get back to the normal grind this week.

And on that note, I am happy to get back to our regular schedule of somewhat regular posting with a particularly fun stack of paperbacks - both in cover art and contents - unearthed from a couple of local garage sales over the Fall. Kicking things off with an "exceptionally shivery!" tale of murder in a prehistoric cave, Blood From A Stone by Ruth Sawtell Wallis.

Cover by Cappello

Despite my best lunchtime googling efforts, I have not been able to find a first name, biographical information or image gallery to link to this surname but, as always, if I find one (or it finds me) I will add it in.