Friday, November 28, 2014

sin camp

Continuing our slow stroll through this pile of pulp fiction, tonight's entry is another saucy story by Anthony Calvano, aka Tony Calvano, aka Thomas P. Ramirez, this time paying a visit to a place where sadism and lust ruled men's lives, Sin Camp.

(Unlike, say summer camp, where sadism and lust rule prepubescent, adolescent and teenage lives.)

As is often the case in the After Dark series, I have no credit for this cover but, as is always the case on the blog in general, if I find one I will add it in.

Friday, November 21, 2014

sin kids

Next up in our survey of this stack of adult oriented paperbacks is a tale of campus wantons on a holiday of shame, Sin Kids by Tony Calvano. (One of a few pseudonyms employed by Thomas P. Ramirez during his Greenleaf tenure.)

Cover by Robert Bonfils

Interestingly, while adult oriented material has changed quite a bit since 1963 when this was published, it would appear the habits of horny college students have remained pretty much the same.

Friday, November 14, 2014


Continuing our stroll through this stack of sleazy pulp fiction, tonight's entry takes place at a lakeside summer hotel where wife swappers cavort, stenos ply their stored-up passions with the kitchen help and mealtime is... Sintime by Andrew Shaw.

Much like our previous entry, I'm not sure who is responsible for the cute redhead on the cover and the author's name is a pseudonym. Although it's possible this was written by Lawrence Block, William Coons, Hal Dresner or Donald Westlake; all of whom used the name during their Greenleaf tenure.

Friday, November 7, 2014

sex shop

Before we get to tonight's subject, my apologies to anyone who visited this page last week only to find much of it blank. Fortunately our technical difficulties seem to have worked themselves out so we should be good to go. (And if not, I'm moving this whole thing to tumblr.)

Anywhoo, as you may have already guessed, tonight we embark on yet another new journey through a stack of old paperbacks; kicking things off with a trip to a place where passion is the main product sold, AKA Sex Shop by John Dexter.

And, as you no doubt have already guessed based on the title and the spines seen above, we'll be spending the next few weeks visiting what I like to refer to as the red light district of our bookshelves, AKA where the porn goes.

PS: This and the other books seen above are in many ways a bit more innocent than what we have come to think of as porn. Which I suppose is the case with all mediums of adult entertainment.

PPS: Sadly I have no credit to offer for this cover and the author's name is a pseudonym. (One used by many authors published under the Nightstand imprint.) A theme which will probably continue through the pile.