Friday, September 26, 2014

the naked sword

Next up in this pile of pulp fiction is The Naked Sword by Anthea Mitchell; an entry in the historical religious adventure romance genre? Honestly I have no clue what the deal is with this book. Nor do I know why / how it managed to follow the husband home. But it did.

As far as why I decided to include it here, it's got somewhat racy cover art and a title you can tee-hee over so why not.

Speaking of which, my attempt to find a credit for said art mostly turned up random porn stills - an outcome I probably should have expected from typing the words "naked" and "sword" into a search engine. (Especially since a similar thing happened to me just a few weeks ago when I found a groovy '70s maxi dress made by a company called Young Naturals. PS: Who knew Mitchell was such a popular pseudonym.)

Friday, September 19, 2014

cat man

Continuing our stroll through this stack of thrifted paperbacks, tonight's entry is Cat Man by Edward Hoagland.

I'm pretty sure the husband was hoping for something along the lines of Val Lewton's Cat People when he picked this up (and likely would have settled for something along the lines of the '80s version starring Nastassja Kinski) but from what I can tell this is not a particularly pulp-y novel based on the author's real life experience working behind the scenes at Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus in the early '50s.

(For those who haven't seen either film version, meaning at no point does either of the people depicted on the cover turn into a cat when sexually aroused and kill the other; or, presumably, anyone else.)

Cover by Stanley Zuckerberg

Which I suppose would have been clearer if he had read the back cover but, as you can see, that wasn't an option.

Coincidentally - or not so coincidentally since this kind of thing happens all the time - today's research (i.e. google search) revealed there is another Zuckerberg cover further down in the pile. More on that in a few weeks.

Friday, September 12, 2014

rag top

Next up in this pile of pulp fiction is Rag Top by Henry Gregor Felsen, a "powerful novel of the reckless rock 'n roll generation."

Cover by Mitchell Hooks

I have to admit youth fiction isn't normally my thing but, by the same token, I've always found the lure of reckless rock 'n roll (and good cover art) hard to resist.

Friday, September 5, 2014

shoot the works

Tonight we embark on yet another new journey through a stack of old thrifted / flea marketed (and otherwise procured) paperbacks with another in a long series of Mike Shayne mysteries to appear on the blog, Shoot The Works by Brett Halliday.

So long a series, I was pretty sure this particular Mike Shayne mystery had already been featured here when the husband stumbled upon it's water logged pages at a local estate sale. However, I was cranky and already focused on securing some sort of brunch situation - aka not in a mood to argue over 50 cents - and in the end I was glad I didn't protest too much. (Read: he was right.)

(On a semi-related topic, I admit this was my first estate sale experience but don't these things normally happen indoors? Plus is a plastic tarp really that costly?)

Cover painting by Robert Stanley

Stanley has also made several appearances on the blog, although not quite as many as Halliday; nor the blog's most frequently mentioned Robert, Robert McGinnis. Speaking of whom, interested parties can check out an alternate edition featuring a cover by the latter here.