Friday, July 25, 2014

deadly welcome

Continuing our survey of this stack of dusty non-Travis McGee related paperbacks, tonight's entry is Deadly Welcome by John D. MacDonald.

Cover by Robert McGinnis

PS: In case you were planning a trip there, from what I can tell Ramona Beach, Florida is not a real place. Unlike Fort Lauderdale where Travis McGee docks his houseboat, the Busted Flush, at the Bahia Mar Marina. (FYI: Just McGee and, presumably, the houseboat are fictional.)

PPS: While we're on the subject, interested parties can check out a Dell edition with an alternate McGinnis cover here.

Friday, July 18, 2014

the deceivers

Next up in our stroll through this pile of thrifted pulp fiction is The Deceivers by John D. MacDonald. I haven't read this one but, based on the back cover, it sounds like the plot of a TCM movie.

Cover by Robert McGinnis

Based on the front cover they kind of look like they would be in different movies (he looks like he's dressed for a party scene in Blow Up and she reminds me of Ali McGraw in that movie I've never seen where her character dies young) but, as we've learned from movies and pop culture in general, opposites attract. Then opposites often wind up spending the night at a cheap motel and usually things go down hill after the sex.

(PS: The Travis McGee book mentioned on the cover was the first MacDonald novel I read.)

Friday, July 11, 2014

a man of affairs

Continuing our stroll through this stack of non-Travis McGee related John D. MacDonald paperbacks, tonight's entry is A Man Of Affairs; "a novel that takes you behind the smiling surfaces of business life and lets you in on a closed door, dog-eat-dog fight for control of a corporation..."

Cover by Robert McGinnis

And, apparently, a novel whose main character looks kind of like a cross between Sean Connery era James Bond and Milo March. (Whose image was, in turn, based on James Coburn; see here and here.) Not entirely surprising as McGinnis is responsible for artwork associated with both.

Anywhoo, as much as I appreciate all of the things listed above, I must admit I like this Dell edition featuring cover art by Victor Kalin just a bit more.