Friday, May 16, 2014

the violent ones

Next up in this pile of pulp fiction is The Violent Ones, a compilation of short fiction edited by Brant House (not a person but a pseudonym used by assorted members of the Ace Books staff), featuring sordid, assorted tales of assorted, sordid wild punks looking to raise hell by Evan Hunter, Hal Ellson, Jonathan Craig, Robert Turner, Gil Brewer and a couple other authors not quite famous enough to be name checked in either cover blurb.

I have to admit, the juvenile delinquency genre isn't one the husband & I normally gravitate towards as far as reading material. Yet we couldn't resist forking over a quarter to let this bad girl follow us home from the flea market a couple weeks ago. (Can you blame us?)

For the record, I did read one of the shorter pieces while eating lunch today. It was kind of like an episode of Dragnet but with less kicky dialogue and more bloodshed.

On a semi-related topic, this artwork makes me rethink my no high waisted jeans policy. But, also for the record, certainly not my no loafers policy.

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