Friday, March 28, 2014

mark kilby solves a murder

Continuing our stroll through this stack of paperbacks, tonight's entry is the second in our quadruplet of titles featuring the word murder, Mark Kilby Solves A Murder by Robert Caine Frazer, aka John Creasey. (Which surprised me for a minute; until I (re)read his Wikipedia entry and was reminded of his penchant for pseudonyms.)

Cover painting by James Meese

With only six books to his credit Kilby doesn't quite have the resume of a Toff or The Baron but I've become a fan of Creasey's writing regardless of character involved or name used on the cover so I'm pretty sure I'll enjoy this as well.

Friday, March 21, 2014

murder is the pay-off

Next up in this pile of pulp fiction is another classic example of the mystery genre, in contents and cover art (the latter complete with shadowy male figure looming in the shadows, prepared to menace a pretty blond lass in her bed clothes) Murder Is The Pay-Off by Leslie Ford.

Cover by Carl Bobertz

On a semi-related topic, despite the fact it's been a week or so since I snapped & posted the photo linked above, I didn't notice the connection between the first names of the authors of the top two books and mine & the husband's until today.

Friday, March 14, 2014

recipe for homicide

Tonight we embark on another journey through a stack of seemingly similarly minded thrifted / flea marketed paperbacks. (Similarly minded in the sense five of the eight titles refer to death of the "non-natural causes" variety and, although not directly referenced, I'm sure there's at least one dead person up in the mix somewhere in the other three.) Anywhoo, kicking things off, we have a classic example of the mystery genre - in terms of content and cover art - Recipe For Homicide by Lawrence G. Blochman.

Cover by Verne Tossey

This is the second of the thirteen Blochman penned books we've come across in our travels; oddly enough Blow-Down, aka the book teased on the back cover, was the first.

Friday, March 7, 2014

men on her mind

Rounding out our journey through this stack of sleazy paperbacks is Men On Her Mind by Matt Harding.

Hopefully tonight's entry also brings an end to me having to attempt to find creative ways to say I know nothing about the author, cover artist or contents; at least for a while. (Because, as you can see, I've pretty much given up trying.)

Anywhoo, tune in next week as we kick off another stroll through a new pile of old books.