Friday, October 25, 2013

man on the make

Next up in this pile of pulp fiction is Man On The Make by Wade Hunter. Based on the cover art and tagline, a book I imagined to be a saucy, possibly slightly cautionary, tale involving some sort of sleazy Mad Men-esque character climbing his way up the corporate ladder by climbing on top of his rivals' wives - and / or girlfriends, mistresses, secretaries, daughters who have recently turned 18, etc. - then killing them. (The rivals, I mean. Although I suppose the latter wouldn't be completely out of the question.)

According to the back cover though I was only half right - our anti-hero's version of a lofty career path is actually a tunnel leading directly to the underground. (Unless there was such a thing as a legally sanctioned gambling syndicate in the '60s.)

Still not sure if he actually kills anyone or not but the sleeping around part is a definite, which I'm pretty sure is all anyone who purchased Playtime books cared about in the first place.

Friday, October 18, 2013

the secrets of caroline cherie

Continuing our stroll through this stack of paperbacks, tonight's entry is The Secrets Of Caroline Cherie by Cecil St. Laurent, aka French novelist / essayist/ screenwriter Jacques Laurent.

From what I gather this is the fourth novel featuring the somewhat saucy (at least for the time) adventures of a woman named Caroline penned by Laurent; the first three were made into films & each successively met with a lesser degree of success. Which, I gather, is the reason this entry never made the transition onto the big screen.

Cover painting by Freeman Eliot

FYI: I'm pretty sure the credit on the back contains a typo & the cover art is courtesy popular pin-up artist Freemam Elliot. (Also FYI: Interested parties can check out a gallery full of examples of said pin-up art here.)

Friday, October 11, 2013

rogue's holiday

Next up in this pile of thrifted / flea marketed pulp fiction is Rogue's Holiday by Hamilton Cochran. A tale told of a time when pirates lusted for women and gold... (Which, I suppose, would generally cover any time pirates existed...)

Cover painting by Bill George

I'm not sure if this novel qualifies as a "bodice ripper" but I am pretty sure the bountiful but non-ripped bodice depicted on the cover is what inspired the husband to spend a quarter on it.

(Upon closer inspection I think this is probably a men's adventure novel; I believe a bodice ripper is a term used to describe a style of women's romance novel.)