Friday, June 28, 2013

kill now, pay later

Next up in our survey of this pile of paperbacks is Kill Now, Pay Later by Robert Kyle aka Robert Terrall.

Cover painting by Robert McGinnis

Interestingly, while Terrall only wrote 5 books featuring New York City based private dick Ben Gates under the Kyle pseudonym, he penned 27 of the 77 novels featuring "the toughest red head ever," Miami based detective Mike Shayne, as Brett Halliday.

(FYI: Halliday was always a pseudonym; it was originally used / created by Shayne creator Davis Dresser. As far as how this has been sitting on our shelf for years and never featured on the blog, I have no clue.)

Friday, June 21, 2013

kiss and kill / on the hook

Tonight we kick off a new series of posts featuring a stack of random thrifted / flea marketed pulp paperbacks we've happened across in our travels (see above), this time featuring a mix of books we've stumbled upon recently and some that have been sitting on the shelf for the entire lifetime of the blog but inexplicably never been featured here. Today's entry, Kiss And Kill by Joe Barry & On The Hook (aka Shark River) by Richard Powell, being a perfect example of the latter.

Cover by Lou Marchetti

Cover by Harry Barton

From what I can tell, unlike the previous Powell book featured on the PFP, On The Hook is not an Arab & Andy Blake mystery.

I have no information to offer about the book on the flipside or a link to it's author, as the Joe Barry entry on this list of Ace Double Novels leads to this guy. (Or, if you go a step further, this guy. Neither of which are the guy who wrote this book.) But, as always, if I learn anything I will add it in.

Friday, June 14, 2013

wild flesh

Rounding out this stack of thirfted and flea marketed paperbacks is Wild Flesh by John Calley. Another example of a seemingly not so innocent book I found in a seemingly innocent place. (Meaning a thrift store run by a religious group.)

It's also another example of a book I have no further information about which, all things considered, isn't that surprising.

(PS: Tune in next week when we will embark on yet another journey, starting off with a photo of a pile of pulp fiction posed next to our beloved mascot, GG Allin Doll, and ending with a post very much like this one.)

Friday, June 7, 2013

the golden strip

Next up, and next to last, in this pile of pulp fiction, is The Golden Strip by Peter Andrews.

Information on the author or cover artist has eluded me thus far, which is pretty typical for this type of novel. (As usual if I learn anything I will share it.)

My search for information on Magnet Books was slightly more successful. In that I've learned they're an obscure imprint which only existed for two years, 1959 & 1960, and published a scant 20 sleaze paperbacks; this being one of them. (Repeat the previous aside.)