Friday, January 25, 2013


At the risk of starting off this post off-topic, over the past couple weekends the husband has been slowly chipping away at one of our around-the-house projects for the Winter: cleaning out and re-organizing (or perhaps I should make that organizing) our basement & garage. Which, as you may imagine, has led to the discovery of all sorts of things we didn't know we had - like this damaged copy of Love by Paul Renin.

Cover by Reginald Heade

Based on the title, perhaps a book that would have been more appropriate next month but I've already got a theme picked out for February completely unrelated to Valentine's Day and it's associations. More on that next week.

Friday, January 18, 2013

carnal ecstasy

Continuing a continuing theme from the past few posts, tonight's entry is Carnal Ecstasy by Ezra De Richanaud. A book I was debating posting during burlesque month on the MGV tumblr page but didn't since I couldn't quite decide if the scantily clad lass on the cover is a stripper, a burlesque dancer or just has a unique sense of style.

I still can't but, since it seemed to fit well here, I decided to include it.

Friday, January 11, 2013

the topless temptresses

Continuing a theme from last week's post, tonight's entry is The Topless Temptresses by Channy Wadd; part of a trio of thematically appropriate book covers featured on the Mystery Girl Vintage tumblr page during "burlesque month" which, much like our previous subject, never made it onto the PFP for some reason.

(PS: I regularly post assorted varieties of girlie art over there so if you're into that sort of thing, check it out...)

In case you were wondering, the next entry won't feature the third book, Sin Strippers by Robert Justin (featuring art by Eric Stanton) because those covers did make it onto the blog previously, here.

I have to admit I'm debating going back through the stacks to see if there's anything burlesque / stripper related I missed. If I find something, perhaps I'll post that next Friday.

Friday, January 4, 2013

escape into vice

Happy New Year everyone!

Did this week get away from you the way it got away from me? I swear I thought it was Thursday for at least half of the day. Meaning I thought I would have plenty of time this evening to get my ducks in a row for the first post of the year. Unfortunately today turned out to be Friday, aka our regular update day, and I wasn't able to squeeze in a photoshoot with our beloved mascot GG Allin Doll or scan book covers.

On the bright side I found myself accidentally prepared for just such a situation when I found a few pre-scanned books / covers that never made it onto the blog for some reason; including tonight's entry - which fits right in with our recent spate of "After Dark" entries - Escape Into Vice by Fletcher Bennett.

I have no idea why I never posted this, as I'm quite fond of the cover art and may or may not have used portions of it in at least one show poster and a c14 layout over the years. (The cover even made it onto the Mystery Girl Vintage tumblr during burlesque month.) In retrospect, I suppose it was better left until the proper opportunity presented itself.

Anywhoo, only time will tell if I continue with random scenes from the PFP desktop folder or start a new stack of paperbacks but interested parties can tune in next Friday to find out.