Friday, June 1, 2012

beat girl

As promised in our previous entry, tonight we move on to a new pile of pulp fiction. This time a random sampling of things we've picked up recently and a few books I picked off the shelf because they were sitting next to the things we've picked up recently and their covers appealed to me; starting with Beat Girl by Bonnie Golightly.

(Not the kind of paperback I normally read but I do appreciate juvenile delinquency and beatniks so maybe I'll give it a shot.)

I assumed the author's credit was a pseudonym, chosen as a nod to the character from Breakfast At Tiffany's, but according to some sources (mostly Ms. Golightly; see here) it's the other way around.

(PS: I dont know how much of it is factual but her bio is awesome!)

(PPS: As always, larger versions, as well as covers of books that have found their way on to the blog previously, can be seen here.)

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